This book depicts not only the life of Michael O. Hill, but also serves as a motivation for all its readers, especially older adults who are at a new phase of their lives. This book does not speak on how to grow old gracefull and collect your social security, although that is a plus. What this book offers is the key to finding a nearly perfect genesis in the middle of a cross road. Michael Hill said, the aim of his book is to help you to  live while you are alive, no matter where destiny takes you.

Michael Hill biography

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  • Michael Hill's journal. This book contains secrets of a man, born in his time, but nearly miss his calling.  His struggles, his highs and lows. If you have never seen a man fight for his life, even when the odds were stackd up against him, he stood up and face the the  odds like a true trooper.  This journal is a man's besk kept secret. 

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    Michael O. Hill

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