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Project ReInvent

ReInvent: Change something so much that it appears to be entirely new.


you will understand yesterday...

When tomorrow comes...

until then, keep LIVING!

Today I will do something great, and it does not matter who shows up, it matters who notices.


If you wait until my hair turns grey to listen then, it might be too late for you. There are different ways to learn a lesson, and believe me, you do not have to be a VICTIM of the system to have learned your lesson. Since LIFE is still the greatest teacher, take a FREE lesson and learn from those who have lived before.


I have seen many things in my youth, and I am now living to tell the tales.  Perhaps you might which to tell your own tale, but KEEP THIS IN MIND, every story might not have a happy ending.

I am a believer in people, and I want to be an extension of God's arms to raise up  the broken and motivate the demotivated. I do not want to speak to you from my rocking chair. I do not wish to speak to via your recollection of me, I want to grab hold of this moment, this priceless day that we have been given to tell you that you can count your failures as rungs up the ladder of change. Do you need a speaker for your event?

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Who am I (part 1)


Who am I (part 2)

 Man under construction

watch out for more videos

Happy Family


.... now finish well

Fathers, if you were not there at the early inception to raise and train your children as a father should, let me remind you that while the body might stop growing, the mind has ENDLESS growth POTENTIAL.


A house in the building stage is difficult and expensive, and all eyes are watching to see the finish product; although the paint is the cheapest object, but that great big house is not complete until that last spec of paint covers the nails, wood and stones. 


Fathers, even if you are worth the cheapest paint that comes in at the end of the PROJECT, this is your chance to use your art and skills and be the BEST painter and dress this house for all to admire.  The final touches is not the least or the greatest, its just what's NEEDED.


Marble Surface
photograph borrowed.

Start somewhere...

You will find your path

There is no front or back of the line, what matters is that you are in line; in line for change, for progress, for an experience to propel you to your happy place. Your success should never be defined by the status quo. True success is when you lay down to sleep at nights, and just before you close your eyes you reflect on the day's activity and say, I am not ashamed of what I did today.



The builder sees the finished product, you only see the material; raw, uncut and unpolished and since you are not looking through my eyes, you are blind to what's standing in front of me.

I am a dream builder, and although it looks like I am sleeping, when YOU awake, you will

gaze at my beautiful reality and wonder. 

Heavy Weightlifter

Together we can change the narrative, write our own story and leave a legacy for the next generation. Project Reinvent is the vehicle that will mobilize you to win back after a defeat, and show you how to start climbing after a fall. I am not your teacher, I am only put here to remind you that you had it in you all along.

Whenever people come to see you, hear you or just be around you, it means that you have something that they value, and this is your magic moment to make them never forget you. If you are an element of change, let it be for the good.


The mind is stronger

photograph borrowed.
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